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Eugene Springfield Cat Lounge

is a new local small business that offers people an opportunity to visit and interact with cats in a peaceful environment, relax and spend time with them, and consider adopting them through local pet rescue networking partners. We also have a cat-themed boutique with super  cute merchandise for cat lovers and gift-givers of all ages!

  • Everyone is welcome to visit, not only those looking to adopt a cat. (see "Lounge Rules" tab for minors)

  • We have snacks and drinks (including beer and wine) available for purchase that you can take into the lounge with you.

  • ​Please click on the FAQ tab above for answers to more "frequently asked questions." 

  • Rest assured we follow best practices for sanitation and caring for cats per the ASPCA (American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and the Humane Society of the US guidelines. Hope to see you soon!

Online reservations 

      are available up to 14 days ahead of time and are strongly recommended as there is a limit of 8 people in the Cat Lounge at a time. ​

  • Customers enter the Cat Lounge 5 minutes past the hour after reviewing the rules and waiver, removing shoes, and sanitizing hands.

  • Walk-ins and late arrivals are allowed with the understanding that visits end 5 minutes before the next hour.

To book a visit in the Cat Lounge: 

  • Click below "Cat Lounge Visit" on the "Book Now" button. Choose your preferred date and time, then click "Next." Under "Number of Participants," click on the dropdown box--if the only option you see is "1" or you don't even see a box for "number of participants" that means only one spot is left, so please choose another time if there is more than one person in your party.

  • Prepaid bookings $12; regular rate is $15 for a 50-minute visit. Please note: if you select and book "Cat Lounge visit Prepay $12" but do not prepay in advance, the booking will not be held and walk-ins may take your spot. The entrance fee will be $15 when you arrive.

  • Interested in a "Frequent Visitor" membership? Get 4 visits for $30! Click on the "Purchase a Plan" tab at the top of this page.

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