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Frequently asked questions about cat lounges/cafes

What is a cat cafe, anyway?

  • A cat cafe/lounge is a hangout for humans and rescue cats to enjoy each others' company in a comfortable and fun atmosphere where these curious animals have plenty of room to play, roam and socialize. We are grateful to be able to provide a temporary, loving home for them without cages. What a great place for students away from home who miss their pets or people living in a retirement home to come spend time with cats!

  • Cat cafes are the future of pet adoption, providing a less stressful experience to cats in need of a permanent home and to people looking to adopt a rescue cat without going to a shelter. We partner with local cat rescues to foster fabulous felines available for adoption if you find your purrfect match!

  • The cats are also here for you to visit with if you can't have one in your home or just need a relaxing break. 

  • If you haven't been to a Cat Cafe/Lounge, there are over 120 of them in the US (in 40 states other than Oregon, and a new one opened recently in Bend!), and more than that in Japan. People who are not comfortable around cats can relax in the cafe area and view them through the windows.

What a cat cafe is not: ​

  • Not a rescue--we cannot accept any outside cats for adoption and respectfully request you contact a local cat rescue or humane society if you have a cat you cannot keep

  • Not a place for kids to be dropped off and run around--one supervising adult must be present for every 2 children 

  • Not a petting zoo--some cats may choose to sleep or hide during your visit and we all need to respect their space

How much does a visit in the Cat Lounge cost and why is there a fee to see the cats?

  • It's free to enter the retail area and view the cats through the windows.

  • The $12 entry fee to the cat lounge helps cover the cost of providing this space for cats and people.  A visit in the cat lounge is 50 minutes.

  • The entry fee covers our expenses for providing a temporary home for the cats until they are adopted.​

  • All proceeds from the entry fees and sales of drinks/snacks and merchandise go to support the cause of helping rescue cats.

Can I bring my children? What about a cat from home or the neighborhood?

  • Children ages 8 and up are welcome to visit the cats in the Cat Lounge. A parent or legal guardian must present a current government-issued photo ID and sign a waiver for children under 18; one adult must accompany every 2 minors.

  • No outside pets are allowed at Eugene Springfield Cat Lounge due to the nature of our business. We cannot take in surrendered pets, stray cats, or cats/kittens that need to be rehomed as we are not an animal rescue. Please contact any of the several excellent local animal rescues in Lane County if you have a pet you cannot keep or have a concern about a homeless cat(s).

What are the benefits of a cat cafe?

  • They free up space at local animal shelters, help socialize foster cats, speed up adoption placements, and reduce the number of cats that are euthanized each year.

  • ​Individuals who may be reluctant to visit a shelter can start the adoption process at a cat cafe.

Where do the cats come from? 

  • All of the cats are in foster care from a local rescue, Cat Rescue and Adoption Network (CRAN), and most are available for adoption (some are still receiving veterinary care and will be for adoption soon). All the cats in the Cat Lounge have had veterinary examinations, have been vaccinated and neutered, microchipped, and treated for any previous medical issues.

What if I'm not interested in adopting a cat?

  • That's fine! Our space is for anyone to visit, not just for those looking to adopt a cat.​

Mission, Vision, and Values

  • Our mission is to create a fun place for people to relax and enjoy the many benefits of being around cats, to help cats in need find a loving home, and to provide a space for people to spend time with cats if they can’t have one in their home.​

  • Our vision is to provide an inclusive environment for the purpose of improving the well-being of people and cats in our community.

  • Our values are: fun, relaxation, joy, feline companionship, innovation, compassion, integrity, relationships. Laugh, smile, slow down, meditate.

Your Cat Lounge Team

About the Owners

Why did you decide to open a Cat Lounge?

  • Dr. Michelle Wyatt was educated and trained as a physician in Chicago and practiced Primary Care Internal Medicine for 27 years in Oregon. She completed educational courses in small business and opened a solo "ideal medical practice" in Eugene in 2010 (that included an office dog), then retired from clinical care in 2021. Having owned and loved cats since 1988 when she got her first kitten from a local rescue in Illinois, and after visiting a few Cat Cafes over several years in San Francisco, San Diego, and the Seattle area, Michelle decided in June 2023 to start her own small business once again. She created the concept of Eugene Springfield Cat Lounge in July 2023, which officially opened to the public on 1/31/24. Favorite cat: Bazinga

  • Frank Lupercio has been a software developer in Eugene for almost 30 years, and helps out the Cat Lounge with all our IT and security needs. He has owned and loved cats for many years, and is unrelated to one of the original cats in the Cat Lounge coincidentally also named Frank. Favorite cat: Freddy

Meet the Staff

Who are the Cat Lounge attendants?

  • Sam is an artist, writer and cat person. She's currently establishing a startup to help local artists participate in fun and unique shows across the Eugene/Springfield area. Instagram @sam.spayde for cool art and future show updates! Message for interest in joining their shows :) Favorite cat: Tapenade

  • Jess is an animal lover and rescuer. She's currently working toward earning her pilot's license. She keeps our Cat Lounge spotless and comfortable, and she advocates heavily for people considering getting a pet to "adopt, don't shop". Favorite cat: Reebok

  • Del loves writing, drawing, and their little cat Valentine. They enjoy designing characters based off their favorite shows and have always have good music recommendations. They love working with the cats here and helping them find loving forever homes. Favorite cat: Mystery

  • Len loves making art, gaming, and helping kitties find loving homes. She is a regular volunteer for CRAN and applies her passion for animals to care for them here at the cat lounge. Favorite cat: Audrey

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