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Cat Lounge Rules--Please read before booking a visit

  1. All persons entering the cat lounge must agree to follow the rules and sign a waiver (document below). Persons accompanying minors into the Cat Lounge are responsible for their safety and ensuing that they adhere to the rules.

  2. Sanitize your hands before entering the room and after petting.

  3. Please remove shoes—you may bring your own socks or or use clean socks, slippers, or shoe covers provided. If you cannot remove your shoes for mobility reasons, we will assist you in wiping off your shoes with a disinfectant wipe.

  4. Children age 8 and up may enter the cat lounge--accompanied by their parent/legal guardian for every 2 children under 18. No running, jumping, throwing toys, and keep voices low.

  5. Don’t pick up the cats. Respect their boundaries (let them sniff your hand first, observe body language). If a cat is hiding, let it hide--don't stick your hand into a hiding place if a cat is taking a break from people.

  6. Feel free to pet the cats gently. Don't wake a sleeping cat, and don't give the cats any human food. We thank you for your cooperation!

  7. It’s OK to take photos, but no flash please.

We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave at any time if they are unwilling or unable to follow the rules; no refunds will be given.

Please click on the icon labeled "PDF" to preview the waiver.

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